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Game News
Welcome to Club Bnd on Sacred Seasons 2! If you are new to seeing Club Bnd, and you are interested in joining. Head over to the forums! And fill out a form, once you have done the form. Submit it and on the 22nd October. Ill evaluate them and say if you are going to be initiated or not. We will hopefully be contending as an elite guild and will also be joining in on the top 100 guilds!

But be warned!

Anyone that does not comply with our rules OR the Sacred Seasons 2 rules. OR agrivates or offends any of our members consistently will be put on our redlist. You do NOT want to be on our redlist. As you will not be able to be in our guild, or be friends with any of our members. If you are on the redlist. You will find it very tough to be removed from it. So be good.


Remember Club Bnd?

You might know us from Platform Racing 2. Or Platform Racing 3. We were a successful club and many people joined. Sadly though, Club Bnd has been shut down on those two games. So if you want to re-join it. Come and fill out a form in the forums!


Will I let friends of mine into the club without filling in a form?

Sadly I won't, I will need every single one of you to fill out a form if you want to join the club. Strictly for research reasons.
Guild News

Guild Initiations on the 22nd October.

BndbyplyrplySacredSeasons2, Oct 15, 10 1:42 PM.
If you want to join Club Bnd. Fill out a form in the Forums. And then wait untill the 22nd October to see if you are going to be initiated.
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We are recruiting on the 22nd of October 2010. This is a Friday, all wishing to join. Fill out a form in the Forums and then report to server 30 for initiation. (Come on the 22nd. But fill out the form beforehand.)
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